Do I need a gum graft? If so, how soon must I get the procedure done? Can I wait a few years? The tooth is not causing pain. (ph

I am 28 years old. I have been told before that I grind my teeth at night and have a receding gum line, but have not worried too much about it. I recently noticed the severity of the recession in the front bottom teeth. I have a history of brushing too hard (have since changed habits), genetic history of receding/thin gums, and recent hormone changes (pregnancies). I am terrified of loosing a tooth, but also terrified of a gum graft (particularly the EXPENSE with no dental insurance)! Help!

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Gum graft and receeding gums

 The picture you have provided shows severe recession on 2 of your lower front teeth.  Also you have bone loss between these 2 teeth. You will need to have an xray to evaluate the extent of this bone loss. 

It is better to treat the recession as soom as possible to prevent further gum recession and bone loss. 

The longer you wait , the result of root coverage with gum graft will be compromised and not predictable 

Get a referral to see a periodontist for evaliation. 

Good  luck 

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