Ingrown hair cause so many problems to me.

Help wedding is near and I take a very good care about my sensitive area am using wax in the direction of hair growing but I alway have ingrown hair problems they are painful , have ugly appearance, sometimes like access

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Improving Ingrown Hairs

Thank you for your question. This can be treated with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal takes 6-9 treatments to reduce 70%-90% of hair. Do not tweeze or wax the area before or during treatment. Doing so removes the hair follicles the laser targets. Keep up with your treatments to see best results

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Improving ingrown hairs

This is easily corrected with laser hair removal. You must have the proper laser for your skin type. Dark skin types need a 1064 laser. Don't expect immediate results. It can take several treatments to get results.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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