Can IPR Fix Protruding Big Teeth?

I had braces years ago. Problem is, my front teeth are big, wide, and look like horse teeth! From the front they look too straight and they protrude from the side. Will slenderizing or IPR help fix this? Is it costly?

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Listen to the orthodontic specialist about IPR vs. extraction

IPR is a great tool to alleviate crowding.  However it will only give you limited correction in the protrusion of your teeth. Especially if your teeth are at all overlapped as the space created with IPR will be needed just for that.  The IPR would have to be very aggressive to have a chance of seeing any difference in protrusion.  See an orthodontic specialist so they can look at all avenues for success to meet your exceptions.  Oh, and by the way, extractions don't cause TMJ problems...that's a myth.  Don't let that scare you.  

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Can IPR Fix Protruding Big Teeth?

IPR is almost always a better solution than extracting teeth. Extracting teeth almost always results in excess space which requires excessive retraction and oftentimes a retruded mandible which causes TMJ Dysfunction. Using IPR will allow you to re-contour bulky teeth without damaging them and will also give you the space required to retract them enough so they are not protruding.

Good luck!

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Can IPR correct protrusion

IPR is limited to the amount that can be taken off of each tooth.  With no crowding and large teeth some retraction can be accomplished but to really pull the teeth back requires tooth extractions

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