Can Invisalign Help Correct a Bad Bite That is Causing Jaw Asymmetry?

Hi I'm a 25 year old considering invisalign, My upper teeth currently slope down to the left side of my face. As a result of this my lower teeth are right of center when I bite down, and my jaw is misaligned. I've had braces from 16-18 and I believe the jaw misalignment was a result of that. Later I saw a dentist who told me that my jaw was misaligned due to a bad bite (and not due to jaw skeletal asymmetry). Would invisalign be effective? And be able to raise some of my upper teeth vertically?

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Invisalign can help!

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Yes. Invisalign can be used for practically all orthodontic alignment issues. Often by changing
the position of teeth into a normal arch formation with proper leveling and aligning and
with symmetry from side to side, there will automatically be a shifting of the jaw into a more
normalized position. If however, there is an actually bony disfigurement that is causing the jaw
asymmetry, there may be a need for a surgical approach. That would be the difference between a dental problem or a skeletal problem or even a combination of both.

New York Orthodontist

Invisalign and Bad Bite Assymetry

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Invisalign can be effective in correcting the slant of the upper teeth, but is Not very effective in raising (intruding) your upper teeth. All your goals can be accomplished with standard orthodontics in the hands of a qualified, experienced orthodontist.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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