Is It Possible to Widen my Smile? (photo)

I had four teeth (2 from upper, 2 from lower) extracted for braces 3 years ago. My teeth look more straight after the braces but I think my smile looks very short now. I am wondering if there are ways that I can broaden my smile? Thanks!

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Narrow smile

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Unfortunately once the teeth are taken out there are fewer teeth present in the mouth which can end up giving a more narrow appearance. There is not too much that can be done Orthodontically at that point.  You might want to look into restorative treatment like veneers which can make your teeth appear more out then they actually are.

New York Orthodontist

Widening smile without braces or surgery

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Epigenetic Orthodontics will allow growth and development of the Maxilla with an appliance worn approximately 14 hours/day.  There is usually minimal pain or discomfort because the forces are very light and work within the physiology of normal growth but impressive results are possible.

Widening your smile

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There are several options you can discuss with your orthodontist...expansion and advancement of the dental arches could give you a broad smile, showing more teeth. But of course, it would probably require some orthognathic surgery.

Mark Kurchak, DDS
Switzerland Orthodontist

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