Is IPL Worth the Money if I Continue to Do Hot Yoga?

I just had my first photofacial. I asked the Dr. if I return to Hot (102 Degree) yoga will the brown spots resurface? She said "No". I plan on using sunscreen and staying out of the sun in order to maintain free of brown spots. Does the heat bring out the sun damage or the sun's rays?

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IPL and Bikram Choudhury (HOT) Yoga

Photo-aging and Brown Spots are caused mostly by exposure to the sun. Eliminating exposure to UV rays will greatly reduce the likelihood of brown spot recurrence.

As to the Hot Yoga, I have several friends who practice it but I am not a convert. The idea of exercising in 102 to 105 degrees and 40% humidity to the point of dizziness and nausea does not appeal to me.

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IPL is a great treatment for brown spots... Keep up the Bikram!!

Fotofacials are a fantastic, minimal to no 'downtime' procedure for brown spots.  Brown sports caused by UV exposure, not heat.   Be sure to wear sunscreen every day containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, and/or a hat, to keep the brown spots away.  They can recur with even just a little sun exposure.

I am a big proponent of Bikram yoga.  I practice regularly and can say with confidence that it will not make your brown spots recur.  The heat allows for a greater stretch, and the sweat allows your body to cleanse itself naturally of toxins.  The humidity hydrates the skin.  I am stronger than I have ever been and the change in posture and metabolism after regular practice is frankly shocking to me.  Of course, you need to hydrate before practice like with all forms of strenuous exercise.   And you need to rest if you feel queasy or dizzy (I have never needed to) -- nor have I seen anybody faint. 

We all need to preserve the function of our joints as we are living longer and longer.  I know of several spine surgeons who are regular practioners as well because they have seen the improvements in the back that come with regular Bikram practice.  I can't recommend it enough; it is too bad that the heat intimidates some people, it isn't that different from what the temperature is like outside in many areas some parts of the year.

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IPL and Brown Spots

A series of IPL treatments is very effective for brown spots.  However, as Dr. Aldea pointed out, the longevity of the effect depends on how much sun exposure you experience. In Florida, I tell my patients that IPL works well, but is not a permanent solution for brown spots due to the level of ambient sun exposure.  The good news is that Hot yoga will have absolutely no effect on IPL longevity.

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