Why Would One IPL Treatment Cost $1,000.00?

I was quoted $1,000. for one IPL treatment of my face for minor hyperpigmentation. Clinic is in British Virgin Islands. I have been taking care of my facial skin with Skinceuticals product and regular microdermabrasion. Should I ask about the equipment and why only one session? Should I ask if the light will be more intense than having 2 to 3 sessions? I live in St. Thomas, VI, and the clinic in BVI has a good reputation. Thank you.

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One IPL treatment cost $1,000.00.

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WOW! that is pricy. Maybe they have the ONLY IPL unit in that part of the world. Or they just saw you coming and thought you would pay for it. Hard to really answer you.

Good Luck from MIAMI DR. B

IPL treatments vary in price

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Depending on where you live, IPL treatments vary in price.  For a single facial IPL performed by a reputable physician or clinic,  prices typically range from $300-600, depending on whether its part of a package or purchased individually.    $1000 sounds like a lot, even to me, and I practice in Southern CA, not far from Beverly Hills.  But if they don't have much or any competition and if they have been successful in getting people to pay that much, then that might be why they are charging more than the typical rates. 

Lorrie Klein, MD
Laguna Niguel Dermatologic Surgeon
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