Are Different IPL Settings Required to Treat Mild Rosacea and Very Light Sun Spots or Can It Be Done at the Same Time?

My first IPL treatment removed most of the sun spots on my nose where they were most noticable and had some success with cappilaries around my nose. The remaining sun spots are very light and my rosacea is quite mild. The second IPL treatment only seems to have lightened my moles, it did not have any effect on my rosacea or sun spots. Why is this? I had IPL treatments done at different places. Is the issue with the new place or can rosacea and sun freckles not be treated in the same treatment?

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Results vary depending on practitioner/settings

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IPL is has best results with a series of treatments. Most patients achieve best results with at least 3-5 treatments and settings are adjusted depending on what the target is/patient skin type. Redness can be more difficult to treat than sun spots, and results are achieved as a cumulative effect. It is still too early to determine results based on 2 treatments, and individual results will vary depending on the patient's skin condition/practitioner settings.

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IPL for Rosacea is an ongoing treatment

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While pigmented lesions, i.e., sunspots, freckles respond more rapidly to IPL treatments, vascular treatments can oftentimes take many treatments and will almost always need maintenance.  They can be treated at the same time, but Rosacea especially, is a condition where the capillaries are constantly challenged by triggers (everyone is different) that speed bloodflow (flushing) to the face.  Managing those triggers is key to keeping Rosacea under control while IPL will manage the red symptoms.  I also suggest you find a provider you trust and stay with them through your course of treatment.  Not all equipment is created equal!  In my office, my patients and staff can track the improvement via the Visia Complexion Analysis Camera which documents your on-going improvement.  Count on 5 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart, then 2-3 individual treatments per year for maintenance.  Good luck with your treatments!

Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS
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