IPL Safe in Pregnancy?

i am asian women have pregnancy of 6 weeks. i suffer from thick black hair on my face n neck and usually get laser done on my face every six weeks.what should i do now?

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IPL and pregnancy

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I recommend that you refrain from IPL lasers for the duration of your pregnancy and while you are breast feeding. This is just a precaution as there is no substantive evidence of the effects on a pregnancy from an IPL laser. It is always better to error on the safe side with these types of situations.

Hold Off Treatment

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While you are not specifically placing your unborn child in danger, it is nonetheless not recommended that you undergo IPL treatment during pregnancy. As with so many medications and procedures, this has not been tested and found to be safe. Further, physicians strongly advise against medications or exposures during the first trimester. 

There is another and in a sense more practical reason to avoid IPL during gestation. Your hormones are quite active presently. The extra light from an IPL are likely to further activate your melanocytes, leading to a condition we call Cloasma, of the mask of pregnancy. This is why sunscreens are advised during this time.

May I also be one of many to wish you congratulations. 

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

IPL and lasers during pregnancy

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While lasers and light devices used for cosmetic purposes are likely to be safe in pregnant and nursing patients, there really is no clinical trials safety data to support this and so as a matter of safety, we would encourage you to wait to have your treatments after you are finished nursing. Pregnancy is a complicated time with inherent risks associated with it, so no point adding even an additional theoretical risk to it.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

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IPL not recommended during Pregnancy

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The short answer to your question is to wait till after you deliver and finish breast feeding if that (breast feeding) is your choice. During this period you can wax your facial hairs.

While there is no theoretical risk to your fetus with either the laser or IPL, this theory has not been definitively proven. The general recommendation is to avoid anything; procedures, activities, medication, that may put your pregnancy at risk. For now, enjoy your pregnancy, hold off on the laser treatments and restart after your baby is born.

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