IPL Recovery: Has Skin Picking Caused Damage?

I have light olive Asian skin and just got my IPL treatment 1.5 days ago. No serious reactions yet, just slight flaking. My brown spots and freckles are lightening. However, I also have some acne and since i'm off the medicine during recovery, I picked at several pustules yesterday.

Today, those areas are red and will scab. My question: Given I just had IPL and then picked/hurt my skin, does that put me at greater hyperpigmentation risk? If not, do u foresee any other serious consequences?

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Skin picking can cause damage with or without IPL

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Skin picking can result in permanent scars, not only pigmentation change but actual texture change.  It really doesn't depend on whether you had IPL or not. 

Picking is one of the most difficult habits to get rid of.  Ask your dermatologist for a mild acne medication and see if you can it its application as a substitution behavior every time you feel like picking.  It will improve your acne and help prevent picking as well.

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