IPL for Dark Freckles Under Eye - Is It Safe?

I have had a test patch done on my face for IPL for freckles on my face, I have fair freckly skin and sensitive around cheek area, I have three dark freckles under both my eyes a couple of them are pretty close to eye, I hate these freckles and these are the ones I really want rid of as they are big ones, can I scar if I go ahead with this, can it cause more damage under my eye or cause more wrinkles, I am 37. I am having full face IPL treatment in couple days, Is there a safer setting under eye

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IPL for under eye area...

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As long as the provider who is treating you applies the proper eye shields to protect your eyes you should be fine.  They will pull down as much as they can to treat the most skin safely.  There are a lot of different IPL machines out on the market so be sure the provider who is treating you is well experienced with his/hers. 

Hope this helps.  Good luck.

Dr. Grant Stevens        

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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IPL treatments must be done very cautiously around the eyes

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The skin treated must be moved away from the orbit.  It absolutely must be done by a physician who has training and experience in doing that.  The eyes must be protected by proper shielding and even so it is possible to have side effects.  The iris and retina both have dark pigment in them and can be affected by IPL.

Emily Altman, MD
Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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