IPL and LED - Can I Alternate LED and IPL Treatments?

I will be undergoing 6 LED facials. I understand the waiting time between sessions should be about 2 weeks. I would also like to have IPL treatments to treat redness / sun damage. The waiting time would be 4 weeks between treatments. Can I have an LED in the middle of the waiting time between IPL treatments? i.e. have IPL treatment, then LED to weeks later, IPL treatment 2 weeks after that, LED two weeks after that, and so on.

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IPL and LED treatments

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You can alternate IPL and LED treatments safely if you wish.  I'm not sure why you would have LED treatments in addition to IPL, since IPL is more effective than LED.  You could have your LED facials for maintenance after you have finished your series of IPL treatments.

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LED and IPL... Alternating Treatments...

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Yes, absolutely you can alternate your IPL and LED treatments.  There are  no contraindications to this regimen.

Hope this helps.

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