Is IPL Laser Hair Removal with Metal Screws in Knee Safe?

I'm wondering if it would be safe for me to receive IPL laser hair removal treatment on my leg (knee area) if I have had an ACL reconstruction and suspect I have metal screws around my knee? Will it caused some sort of burn/disconfort? Thanks!

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IPL laser hair removal and metal appliances in the knee

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IPL reaches to the deep dermis and the superficial subcutaneous fat layer.  Appliances such as metal screws are usually deeper than that, at the bony structures under the muscle.  It is safe to have IPL done in those areas.

For external fixating devices (ones on the outside of the skin), they would need to be covered and avoided so that the light does not reflect from them.

Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

Yes, laser hair removal can still be performed even if you have metal screws.

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Laser hair removal will not affect the metal screws or be any more likely to cause complications.   I assume that the surgery is completely healed.

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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Hair Removal with metal in body is ok

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The hair removal IPL will target the hair follicles. It won't penetrate deep enough to affect or cause pain or problems with any metal in your body, like legs, arms, or even metal plates in chest. You are good to go!

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