Is A IPL Risk to Vasculitis Sufferers? Is There A More Effective Forearm Rejuvenation Tx?

I have recently developed a rash over various parts of my body (face excluded) which my GP believes is palpable purpura (or vasculitis). If it is confirmed that I have vasculitis, will I be able to continue with IPL treatments or are there potential risks to people with this condition? Also, as the main reason for me undergoing IPL is to rejuventate my arms (particularly forearms) and I wish to know if this is the best treatment option available or is there something else better on the market?

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Vasculitis and IPL

I would suggest you see a specialist for a full evaluation and treatment of your possible vasculitis. There are various reasons (primary) and (secondary) for vasculitis, and many can be serious. Vasculitis occurs when your body attacks your blood vessels. It's not always clear why this happens, but an infection, some cancers, certain immune system disorders or an allergic reaction may serve as the trigger. While you can be treated with IPL if you do have vasculitis, it is more important that you find out and get on a treatment plan for that than continue your IPL treatments at this time.

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Vasculitis may be serious condition that needs medical treatment.

IPL is unlikely to help or harm vasculitis, but more importantly I agree with Dr. Feldman.  You need to find out what is going on to cause vasculitis and get it treated appropriately.  

Mark Taylor, MD
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IPL for Forearm Rejuvenation

If your GP suspects that you have vasculitis, this should be comfirmed by a biopsy.  If you do have vasculitis, this needs to be addressed before you have any cosmetic procedures.  IPL is an excellent way to reduce the pigmentation and sun damage on your arms, but please consider your general health and well being first!

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist
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