IPL in Bikini Area Affects Reproductive System?

Could IPL to bikini area affect the reproductive system like ovaries? I'm considering doing laser to my bikini area but I want to know if it has any severe side affects like on the long term could it prevent me from getting pregnant later on? Or could it cause sterility?

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IPL is Very Safe

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IPLs for hair removal have been used since the early 1990s, and I performed the FDA studies for these devices shortly thereafter. There is no evidence that the light energy can penetrate deep enough to produce any untoward effects on the reproductive system. After 20 years, I assure you these are safe and should not enter into the discussions of whether this can be done safely in this area or not.

Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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IPL and fertility

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There are no studies that I am aware of that looked at this fertility subject so no one can say anyhting for certain. But lets look at it from a light physics principle. Most IPL devices emit light in the visible wavelength of light with some going into the near infrared range.

The broad base of the light in IPL devices means that the energy is spread among the wavelenths. The majority of these wavelengths are not long enough to penetrate through the first layer of the skin unless special filters are used. So whether a device like this would harm an ovary that is deep in the body seems highly unlikely.

Although the FDA has tested these devices for safety each laser is different and you would need to ask you doctor whether the device they are using was tested in pregnant women. Though again, this does not answer the question you are asking about - projected fertility.

At this time, I cannot come up with a reason to believe that IPL machine I use in my practice will in any way be harmful to any of my laser patients.

Shawn Allen, MD
Boulder Dermatologist

IPL and sterility

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 I am aware of absolutely no evidence to support any link between IPL laser hair removal treatments in the bikini area and fertility issues.  If you are still concerned, don't do it but I don't believe you have any need to be concerned.

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IPL or BBL has no effect on the ovaries

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All IPL systems (including Sciton's BBL - the leader in the field) emit a flash of light which is filtered to a wavelength desired to bring about certain results. Certain wavelengths tighten skin (look up SkinTyte), others take off sun blemishes and age spots, others plug up and remove tiny network of blood vessels or Rosacea.

Unlike X ray radiation, these wavelengths do NOT penetrate the full thickness of skin and therefore cannot reach much less effect the functioning of the ovaries. Fertility CANNOT physically be modified by IPL.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

IPL should have no adverse side effect any more than sunlight

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IPL should not have an adverse side effect any more than sunlight. IPL consists of an light emanating from an entirely different spectrum than X rays.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Effect of IPL on reproduction or fertility

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Of course, no one can answer your question with 100% certainty, but it is essentially scientifically inconcievable that IPL would effect your ability to reproduce.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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