IPL and Laser Hair Removal Simultaneously?

Hello, I bought a package of IPL treatments and wasn't seeing a lot of improvement and so I tried a few sessions of laser hair removal with the SopranoXLi diode laser but am still getting IPL treatments since I already paid for them. Will the IPL treatments interfere with the diode laser hair removal treatments in any way?

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IPL and laser hair removal treatments done concurrently

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No, it's fine to do both IPL and diode hair removal lasers concurrently. I wouldn't necessarily do them on the same day, perhaps, just because if you're treating the same areas it can get very hot and could potentially result in more of a chance for a burn there. However, the treatment modalities do not interfere with one another, and you can do both.

Hair removal the same time as IPL

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IPL and Diode laser treaments are fine to do concurrently. However, depending on your skin type and the practitioner, it is recommended to be treated with one modality during one visit, and the other on a separate appointment. When being treated with both lasers at the same visit, you run the risk of the surface skin taking on too much heat from the lasers and causing burns or other adverse reactions.


Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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