Halo and BBL forever young recovery (Photo)

It's been about 2.5 weeks after my medium/20% halo and bbl forever young combo, for your skin to still look and feel a little rough. I never did experience any peeling.

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The healing process of the Halo does not require any peeling. The first few days post-Halo you should be red and swollen with minor discomfort. After day 3 you will see pigment get darker, then start to flake off over the next few days. Each day your skin will start to clear, and by the end of the first week you should be presentable without makeup. The perk of the Halo Laser is the ability to wear make up the following day.

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Halo and Forever Young BBL Recovery

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Thank you for your question about Halo and Forever Young BBL recovery. 

It is still within normal limits to have a slightly rough texture 2 weeks post laser.  This should improve over the course of the next several days.  Continue gentle skin care measures (no scrubbing or picking) and SPF/sun avoidance.  As for "not experiencing any peeling"...it is likely you are shedding skin cells without realizing.  You do not typically "peel" in sheets of skin, rather "shed" skin cells over the course of days to weeks.  Everyone is different in the length of time this takes.  

If you have further questions or concerns, I would recommend follow up with the provider that performed your procedure.   I hope this helps.

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Halo and BBL Recovery

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Hi and thank you for your question!

As long as your skin has been gradually healing and progressing, you are on the right track. We find in some people, it can be almost a month before all the dry skin has flaked off. Continue to use gentle cleansers and moisturizers and of course lots of sunscreen. In a few more weeks you should notice your skin glowing, bright and rejuvenated!


Dr. Grant Stevens

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