Can Invisalign Be Used to Rotate a 180 Degree Rotated Tooth Effectively?

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We use elastics for that degree of rotation

The most you can rotate a tooth just using the aligners is 40 degrees. If you use buttons and elastics then you can rotate 180 but of course your treatment will take longer.

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Auxillaries with invisalign will work to rotate tooth

To rotate a tooth 180 degrees, I would not recommend invisalign to be the only treatment modality. Many times I use buttons and elastic thread and different techniques (which are not that noticeable and don't require full braces) to help derotate and align teeth before beginning invisalign.  Using these auxillary treatments help to put the tooth in a better position so that invisalign can put it into its final correct position.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
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Rotating teeth with Invisalign

In theory it is possible, but it is not practical.  First off you would need to use buttons for Invisalign to grip onto. Second, you would have to rotate the tooth with a sequence of trays. Third, you would have to remove the button, retake the Invisalign impressions, place a new button and go through the motions again.  I would estimate that you would have to do this 5-6 times to finish.  30 degrees is about the maximum that Invisalign can rotate and still be practical.

M. Andrew Atwood, DDS
Bellevue Dentist
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