Invisalign Tray Not Seating

My lower tray is not seating all the way. There is 1mm of space where bubbles of spit collect between teeth and tray, but that is as low as they go because of the attachments. Are the attachments placed slightly too high? What can be done? The edges of the tray are also really sharp.

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There is always space between the teeth and the aligner..

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That is built into the aligner and each aligner will be different. The edges are laser polished so they cant get any more smooth. If you think silver brackets and wires would be more comfortable then you should get them. Invisalign is the easiest way to straigten teeth trust me.

Los Angeles Dentist

What If the Invisalign Tray Stops Fitting?

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You should see your Invisalign provider (dentist or orthodontist), because it sounds like the tray is not fitting properly.  When my patients have this problem, I instruct them to move back one tray and see if that one fits - if not, it's time for a refinement (impressions so that we can have new trays made).

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