Can Invisalign Retainer Be Replaced?

I lost my invisilign retainer. Can a retainer be replaced?

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Yes it can be replaced but ...

It has to fall within the guidelines on the contract. Vivera will only cover a warranty retainer if it has been 6 months or less I believe since your last one was delivered.  If you are currently in treatment then the Dr can order one no problem.

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Invisalign retainers can be replaced if lost or broken

Some people use the term retainer for both the aligners and the final retainers. 


Mid treatment aligners sometimes can be skipped if one is lost, so if you JUST started #11 just wear #10 again until #11 is remade.  If you are 10 days into #11, just move on to #12 (as an example).


If treatment is over, and it is your final retainer, go to your dentist/orthodontist ASAP to have a new one made.  There are many options, some quicker than others, but post-treatment retention is very important.

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Invisalign retainer can and should be replaced

An invisalign retainer can and should be replaced so that your teeth do not shift. I would recommend returning to the office where you had your treatment and speaking with them about getting a new retainer.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
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