When Will I See Invisalign Results?

just started invisalign treatment, when should i start seeing movement/ results? thanks in advance

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Time to see results depends from patient to patient

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It takes a while, you will feel the teeth moving during the process. However you'll see results in few months; it depends from one patient to another.
Some will see results faster, others will see results later...
Thank you,
Dr. Barba

Santa Ana Dentist

Slowly but surely Invisalign does the job.

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Good question Nate!  Part of the beauty of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen is that the movements of teeth are very slow, but steady.  With braces you get more rapid movement initially, but many times additional time is needed to change course or even reverse a movement that has occurred.  With Invisalign you go essentially in a straight line from A to B with no 'round tripping' of teeth, which can occur with braces.  There are many advantages to this and can even result in shorter treatment times with many cases of Invisalign.  Treatment is greatly improved over the initial Invisalign of a decade ago.

When to look for movement with Invisalign

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Slight movement (about one-half millmeter per month) will begin immediately, but it is so gradual, you may not notice much with the naked eye. Ask your dentist for a copy of the Before pictures to track the progress as you proceed. Enjoy your new smile.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

Invisalign® movement is slow and steady

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Early on in ortho treatment, the bone supporting the teeth is most affected and "softening", but very little tooth movement.  Most of the time, orthodontic changes are noticeable in the second month, but with Invisalign® it may still be a while to notice.  People with severely crooked teeth will notice sooner and seem more dramatic than people with minor issues. 

A watched pot never boils

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Invisalign moves teeth a half  a millimeter each a month and only the teeth that were designated to move with that aligner will move.  A half a millimeter is not very much.  Surprisingly, my patients in Invisalign, when asked how it is progressing always say "great, I see movement".  Hang in there.  It will be over before you know it.

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