Does Invisalign Work to Shorten Bottom Front Teeth? If So, How?

After 25 years of wearing an upper partial, I am finally getting implants. But my dentist told me that over the years my four bottom incisors have grown upwards and are now too long. He suggested invisalign. I never got a chance to ask him about it because I was out of it with the anesthesia for the implant. I just wanted to know how that works.

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Invisalign can shorten front teeth by intruding them.

Intrusion is done by putting pressure on the top of the 4 teeth with the aligners and they will sink into the bone. The gum line will follow them and it will look great. The teeth will NOT be smaller looking when you are done with treatment so dont think they will.

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Invisalign® CAN intrude teeth

It is less predictable to intrude teeth with Invisalign® than with braces, but it CAN be done.  It likely will take much longer to do it this way, but if you are determined to use Invisalign® then do it.

Wires and brackets can quickly get the needed forces to create the room for your restorations, so a consultation with an orthodontist or experienced general dentist should help.

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Invisalign may not be fully effective

The situation you are describing is fairly common.  In order to have well made and properly contoured crowns on the upper front teeth (whether supported by implants or natural teeth) it is essential or at least helpful to have lower teeth properly positioned.  Although Invisalign is a great system for moving front teeth, research has shown one of it's limitations is moving teeth in the up or down directions.  Although it is feasible to some extent is more predictable and efficient to just use regular braces in this situation.  The good thing is though, that for most people lower braces will not show when you smile.  A consult with a qualified orthodontist will help determine the best way to approach this.

Good luck! 

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