Invisalign Not Fitting Properly

I started getting lazy with wearing my trays all the time. I know I shouldn't have! But the following trays seemed to fit fine so I assumed everything would still work out, but i just started my 7th tray(out of 8) and they don't seem to be fitting as properly anymore. I can still put them on fine, but it seems to be slipping a little on the right side of two of my teeth and not perfectly aligned with my gums in that area. Will my teeth go back to the right alignment if I keep wearing them now?

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Invisalign trays

You should check with your dentist to see if there is any thing wrong with your trays.

The dentist may need to take a new impression and send for mid course correction.

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Invisalign trays not fitting well

You have said you moved ahead a bit quickly and now the trays do not fit ideally. Always follow your Dentist / Orthodontist's advice as to when to proceed to the next tray.. He / she may advise you to go back to the last tray that fit well and wear it again for a period of time. Invisalign offers a lot of versatility when these things occur, so do not worry; there is an easy solution.

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If Invisalign aIigners are not fitting properly, you may need to backtrack

Based on what you are saying the following information may be helpful.  First of all, after we get used to them, wearing the aligners can be so easy that we think nothing is happening.  Then there is a tendency to skip ahead too fast to the next aligner or to be lax in wearing them, as you have been.  Subtle changes can occur that the untrained eye may miss.  Then all of a sudden, the aligners don't fit!  Usually what works is to backtrack to aligners that were fitting, and then move forward again (of course doing a better job of wearing this time).  This should be under the supervision of your Invisalign doctor to prevent those subtle errors.

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