Invisalign for Overcrowding of Incisors?

I'm having a consultation for Invisalign in a few weeks for overcrowding, but 6 teeth extracted earlier in the year and wondered whether I would be a candidate for Invisalign at all due to missing teeth.

I had the top left, top right & bottom left wisdom teeth out, along with the 2nd molar on top left, also 1st & 2nd molars on top right. The overcrowding is both lateral incisors on top row are jutting outward and right central incisor is aimed backwards in the slightest fraction. lateral & central incisors on bottom row overcrowded. Thanks a lot!!

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Invisalign totally works for crowding

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With the teeth missing that you listed, it won't affect your Invisalign treatment. It works great for crowded incisors and you will love the results. You can always get implants later to fill in the posterior teeth (molars).

Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign does work for overcrowding of the incisors and when teeth are missing

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Yes, absolutely. Invisalign works for overcrowding of the incisors and when teeth are missing.

Even minor crowding can lead to gum problems due to difficulty in cleaning the teeth. Crowded teeth trap plaque and stain easier. Not correcting crowded teeth as we age only gets worse over time.

If spaces or gaps where teeth are missing can not be closed by Invisalign alone, then implants or bridges can be placed.

Invisalign is a great option for overcrowding of incisors

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Invisalign would be a great option! When you have teeth extract on the upper arch and the same teeth are not extracted on the lower arch you will most likely develop supra-eruption of molars because they are not in contact with the teeth of the opposite arch. Supra-eruption is when the tooth continues to grow out of the gum exposing part of the root. Invisalign would act as a protection against supra-eruption, as long as the aligner fully covers those molars.

Invisalign would also be able to correct the crowding you have in your front teeth. You will most likely have to have attachments placed on some of your teeth. Attachments are tiny composite buttons that are use to make sure the aligners stay tight to your teeth and direct the forces of the aligners on selected teeth. You should discuss with your dentist/orthodontist implants for those extract 1st and 2nd molars, after you have completed your Invisalign treatment.

Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, DMD
New York Orthodontist

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