How to Make Payment Plans on Invisalign?

I saw someone on here say how expensive they were. I was just wondering if you could pay like 500 dollars down then 100 dollars monthly until you're all caught up?

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Paying for Invisalign over time is common

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Most orthodonists allow you to pay over time, however it is common to ask you to pay for at least the lab fee at the beginning of treatment. That is usually more than $500, but you are not too far off. The remainder is then typically paid off in increments and timed in a way that it is paid completely before the treatment is finished. Outside financing companies that have agreements with your treating doctor will allow you to pay lower amounts over a longer period of time. I hope this helps.

Dr. Depew

Atlanta Orthodontist

Yes, invisalign payment plans are possible

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Invisalign is an efficient way to straighten your teeth by using clear aligners. Payments on it can be very affordable. It is absolutely possible to make $100 per month with $500 down payment. In our office we assist our patients to get financing with low monthly payments.

There are payment plans available for Invisalign

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I would recommend the Chase healthcare plan for financing for Invisalign treatment. They are offering 0% financing and they approve you more often CareCredit.

Dr Thomas

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Payment plans are set up in each office

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Payment plans are coordinated in each individual office and not via Invisalign. Many dental offices today use 3rd party financing companies to help fit into people's budgets, so you are likely able to come up with a plan that you like.

The first step is choosing a provider, and then ask them for their payment options. You likely will be happy with the choices.

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