Invisalign Competitor?

Does Invisalign have any competitors? Seems like there should be more options for invisible braces...

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Competition benefits consumers. Competition to Invisalign is no different

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While competition has created innovation, Invisalign is STILL the standard in which all others are compared. As first to market and with the most experience, the difference may be worth the fee even if Invisalign is slightly more expensive (if that is the suggestion by the treating dentist).

The "X factor" in all of this is the treating dentist. Tools are just tools, and a capable dentist will make the most of them. The most important factor in all care is the treating dentist.

Invisalign has few competitors.

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There are some competitors that try to use the concepts of Invisalign but they are usually sued for patent infringement. Invisalign is the leader in this technology. The ibraces arent really in competition because they use backets on the back side of the tooth so its not comparable. Whoopi Goldberg and Tom Cruise hated ibraces and ended treatment sooner than later. They kept falling off and Whoopi swallowed one while eating a salad. That was a deal breaker for her.

Dr Thomas

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Invisible Braces that Rock!

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There is a much superior form of invisible braces called Incognito (formerly iBraces). They are produced and developed by 3M (you know, Post-It Notes, Scotch Tape, etc.) who developed the technology that is the basis for all dental adhesives. These are braces that are glued to the back of the teeth, or lingual surface, and are totally invisible to anyone when you smile and talk normally. They are offered by a select number of specially trained orthodontists around the world. Because they are strongly attached to the teeth, they allow the doctor to perform many tooth movements that are not predictable with removable aligners such as those produced by Invisalign. Simple and even the most complex cases can be completed with Incognito with fantastic results. If you want invisble braces that really work.

Doug Depew, DMD
Atlanta Orthodontist

Competition for Invisalign is building

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Invisalign has been around for about twelve years and is the best product out there for clear aligner therapy. It has the most treated patients, a strong research and design component, a powerful marketing force, and strong doctor loyalty.

There is a system for minor tooth movement, the Red,White and Blue System as well as the Simpli-5 system made by AOA labs. This system does not use the computer technology that Invisalign uses and is only recommended for very minor tooth movement.

There is a new company that has recently started marketing in the U.S. called Clear Correct which is supposed to be the new competition for Invisalign. I do not use that product so can not comment on it.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

Invisalign does have competitors for invisible braces

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With over 1 million patients having been treated using Invisalign, extensive R/D, marketing, and customer support, they are definitely the gold standard in invisible braces/aligner therapy.There are several different companies using clear aligners to move teeth. The most similar one at this time is ClearCorrect. They are still a relatively new company and at the time of this post, I believe they are only available in the United States.

Other systems include Red,White, and Blue, as well as Simpli5, which are 3 aligner and 5 aligner systems respectively. The former and latter are for extremely minor movements. None of them allow the doctor any control over the tooth movement since they are made in the lab without doctor input.

A few years ago, another competitor, OrthoClear, came on the market, started by a group that left Invisalign. They did not last very long and patients would have been left stranded mid-treatment, had Invisalign not agreed to take over their cases as part of a settlement.

Remember that successful treatment with any orthodontic appliance is not dependent on the system, but rather on the doctor who is diagnosing, treatment planning, and providing your treatment. Hope that helps!

Jason K. Tam, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

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