Can Invisalign Hook Onto Headgear with Rubber Bands to Fix an Underbite? (photo)

I had my under bite fixed in 3rd grade and my bite was fine up until freshman year. This was when it started shifting back and my orthodontist said that it was because my jaw was growing still and causing it to grow back into an under bite. They said they can fix it at the start of my senior year (6 months from now) but I would prefer to not get braces again or have surgery because i heard surgery can make your face look much different than before...

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Your lower jaw may not be done growing

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Your underbite does not look as severe as it did in 3rd grade, but it came back which is a red flag for continued excessive lower jaw growth. A reverse pull headgear with elastics for Class III is typically used at age 6 to 8, and you are well beyond that. The reason your orthodontist is waiting 6 months may be to see how much your bite is still changing. The time to decide on the treatment will come when the true severity of your underbite is known, in 6 months or later. That said, I still would not rule out Invisalign as part of your overall treatment, just not as a sole remedy.

San Ramon Orthodontist

Invisalign limitations

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to answer  your question... definitely not. Invisalign is limited to fairly minor movement and your case would most likely need ectraction of teeth or possibly jaw surgery depending on your desired outcome. After a thorough exam, depending on your age and your growth, you will be able to decide on the right treatment. Invisalign will not be it thought!

Mojdah Akhavan, DDS
San Diego Orthodontist

Invisalign Doesn't Work with Headgear

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Invisalign isn't built to work with headgear, and from the looks of things Invisalign wouldn't work well to fix your bite.

I'd hope you want your face to look a little different considering your one jaw has out grown the other. An orthognathic surgery option would change your face for the better if very much at all since it doesn't look like a huuuuge underbite (though you may not be done growing still), so don't rule it out until your orthodontist shows you a digital simulation of what a surgical outcome looks like.

If fixing your underbite is what you want, you really need to pick the tool that will get you what you want and that is braces. Whether the best option is braces + surgery, braces + extractions, or just braces + elastics is something you need to sit down with an orthodontist to discuss.

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

Can Invisalign Hook Onto Headgear? Class III bite

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Invisalign is not designed to use with headgear.  Unfortunately it doesn't look you are a good candidate for invisalign.  You have what is called a Class III biting arrangement.  Your lower teeth are forward of your upper teeth.  From this one picture it looks as if your teeth are in good position and that your lower jaw is forward.  I would say that you have a Skeletal Class III Occlusion (bite) which is not treated with orthodontics alone and would require jaw surgery.  Consult with your orthodontist and oral surgeon as to the best treatment option for you.  These cases can look great after surgery and you should ask for before and after photos of similar cases to yours.  Good luck with you treatment.  

James D. Salazar, DDS
Encinitas Dentist

Invisalign CAN correct MINOR underbite with rubber bands

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If there is a minor amount of underbite, Invisalign may be able to correct it by also wearing rubber bands.  

A headgear is used to correct and overbite (the opposite issue that you are having).  

However, only by seeing an orthodontist, can they tell you for certain, since a full exam is required - a single picture doesn't tell the whole story. 

Depending on the amount of facial discrepancy - a surgery also may or may not have that much of a noticeable affect on the face, but rather meant to properly correct the bite.  This type of surgery is quite common. 

All the best,

Dr. Shervin Abbaszadeh, Certified Specialist in Orthodontics

Shervin Abbaszadeh, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

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