How to Tell if Invisalign is Genuine?

I went in yesterday, but am doubting that I got Invisalign. I have friends who have it and theirs is barely noticeable while my trays are extra thick.

I can't close my mouth all the way, and you can see a big line of plastic in the middle of my teeth. Also my lips pout a lot. The trays seem to pop up from my teeth.

Dentist told me to go back until a month later but mentioned nothing about new trays. Is this normal? I heard Invisalign has the little brand name stamped on the trays (which mine doesn’t).

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Seems odd

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With the Invisalign trays you will see the numbers and either an U or L for the upper or lower trays stamped into the tray with a laser. If you're aligners are totally clear with no markings then they are probably made by a lab by your doctor. Make him show you the Clinchek on his laptop or your specific case and check to make sure its your name..etc.

Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign Trays vs. Other Plastic Aligners

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If you have seen the Invisalign Clin-Check (computer simulation), and your trays have the markings described above, then it sounds like your Invisalign trays are not fitting properly. Sometimes it takes a few days for the tray to seat all the way -- and in that time the space of plastic you see should diminish. Try to get in to see your dentist sooner than the 1 month prescribed visit so he or she can check the fit. Good Luck!

Invisalign trays are thin, and they come in sets which you change every 2 weeks, generally

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From what you are describing, yours are not the traditional trays. Your dentist should be trained and licensed by Invisalign. The trays are made by Invisalign and sent to your dentist. If you are uncomfortable and unsure, you should return to your dentist and have a consultation where you see your records and the materials send by Invisalign.

Anca Bazile, DDS
New York Dentist

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