Invisalign Express for One Crooked Tooth?

One of my bottom front four teeth is slightly pointed back. My top teeth are in good alignment, but it's just this one bottom front tooth. I had braces in high school, and had great results. I stopped wearing my retainers since my 1st year in college. I'm not an expert, but is there room for it to fit between the teeth on either side? I have heard of Invisalign Express and I was just wondering if you think this is a good solution or would you recommend an alternative? Thanks.

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Invisalign express works for moving one tooth.

Yes, Invisalign should work to move one tooth provided there is a reasonable amount of space to move it in to. It is also possible that a flexible, adjustable retainer could accomplish the correction. Your orthodontist will be able to answer this question at an initial consultation.

Mercer Island Orthodontist

It is possible to correct one crooked tooth with Invisalign Express

It is possible to correct one crooked tooth with Invisalign Express. However, it is important to note that other issues such as the bite would not be corrected in this process.

Fix for one crooked tooth

 I  would start with the cheapest and simplest way first.  You wore braces and had great results. Then you stopped wearing your retainers since the first year of college. Not a good choice...but it happens to many. I would first try a retainer that is adjustable and flexible to  move that tooth back into the position it was after you had your treatment with braces. If this does not work, then go to inivsalign express. Remember, what ever procedure you choose, me mindful  if you want to keep your teeth straight and not move, you must wear your retainers for the rest of your life or they will eventually migrate back to where they came from! This goes for invisalign and vivera retainers as well as regular retainers that you stopped using after successful movement with braces.  Good luck on that one tooth!

Invisalign Express works well for minor corrections

Invisalign Express may be the perfect solution to your problem.  May be is the key phrase.  Sometime a patient will come to my office saying "I just want this one tooth fixed" and I find all sorts of other problems with their mouth.  If your dentist has seen your mouth and just the one tooth could be moved, then Invisalign Express should work fine. They may have to shave a couple teeth to make it all work though.  Good luck!

Kent Lauson, DDS, MS
Denver Orthodontist

Invisalign Express

Invisalign express is limited to 10 aligners or less. They are mainly for only mild crooked teeth that can be straightened in 5 months or less. It does not only straighten 1 tooth but multiple teeth, but restrition on the number of aligners.

David Cheng, DDS
Toronto Dentist


Unfortunately without seeing all the records its very difficult to give a specific answer. Invisalign express is very monor teeth movement with can be accomplished with under 10 aligners. What you dont want to do is rushing the movement of teeth and ending up with relapse again. It is very possible to do under 10 aligners. If there is a space issue (this particular tooth being pushed inwards as there is not enough space) we have tocreate space by either expanding the arch or by doing some selective filing of the teeth so that we can accomodate this tooth without risk of relapse.

I would recommend seeing a certified Orthodontist for a complimentary consultation.

Bobby Virk, DMD, MSD
Bellevue Orthodontist

Invisalign Express might be a good choice

It sounds like you need minor movments and minimal interproximal reduction.  Invisalign Express is when your case needs 10 aligners or less.  Your case might qualify.

Invisalign Express for moving one tooth

If the tooth is only slightly out of alignment, Invisalign Express may be a good option for you. If it is moderately out of position, I would recommend Invisalign Full -- with Invisalign Express, if you don't get the results you want by the finish of treatment, you can't refine the results without additional cost. Invisalign has refinements built in, so you can perfect the result.

Susan Goode Estep, DMD
Atlanta Dentist
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Yes, have Invisalign Express for it

Sounds like a perfect Express case. Simple stripping of the two teeth next to the crooked one and it can be easily tipped back into position. Be sure to make sure that the upper teeth are also corrected in that area and that they are not touching. Sometimes the upper teeth shift backwords and then push the lower teeth the same way,so be sure to do both uppper and lower aligners.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist
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