Does Invisalign Teen Require Parental Consent?

I am 16 years old and a senior in high school, and I'm thinking about getting Invisalign Teen for myself after I graduate. Do I have to be accompanied by a parent in order to recieve them?

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Any medical or dental treatment of minors need parental consent

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Simple question, simple answer. Your parent does not need to be there for all your appointments though, once the consent is signed. They can drop you off and then pick you up when you're finished. Very easy appointments.

Los Angeles Dentist


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As long as you are under 18, you have to have parent consent to the treatment and also come with you for your appointment. No matter how simple the treatment be by law you have to be accompained by your parents for your treatment. Now some practitioner at their sole discretion may allow you to come in by yourself but thats rare.

Bobby Virk, DMD, MSD
Bellevue Orthodontist

Parental consent is required for under 18.

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In most states, your parent must give consent if you are under 18 in order for you to receive treatment by a dentist.  This doesn't mean your parent must come with you to the appointment but must somehow give their consent another way like signing a consent form.

Daniel W. Schiavone, DDS
Rochester Dentist

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