Should Invisalign buttons disrupt my normal bite? My first left the practice and this disrupted my treatment.

Top teeth are done and I just started with tray 1 of 7 for bottom revision plan to finish. New buttons were added to bottom teeth. I cannot bite properly because the buttons (left cuspid) is hitting the top (left lateral incisor) not allowing me to bite down. My Dentist said if he brings the button down we lose the effectiveness. I did not have any issues like this with the first 23 aligners. I am concerned that I am going to chip or fracture my teeth plus I cannot eat.

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Biting on the attachment

Depending on the position of the attachment on the tooth it is possible for it to interfere with full closure while it stays on the tooth. Most of the materials used for the attachments are much weaker than your teeth so the worst case scenario would be you wearing down the attachment itself. You can see if your doctor may be can remove some material from it to see if that would help.

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Invisalign Buttons Should Not Interfere With Normal Bite

You should be able to close your teeth together without hitting the Invisalign buttons. You might need a mid-course correction. I'm not sure why your lower teeth were not done at the same time as your uppers.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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