Invisalign or Braces (photo)

The facts:33 yrs old, deep bite (front teeth slanted inwards);no upper second incisors; upper canines=fangs; baby tooth next to my left upper canine-potential gap that might not be completely closed;bottom teeth are slanted;lower right canine extracted in the past.1st consult:not a candidate for invisalign-can't fix deep bite,gap due to baby tooth will be closed-18 m w/ braces; 2nd:invisalign,deep bite not addressed-12/15 m. At end canines will be reshaped.How important is to fix the deep bite?

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Braces or Invisalign

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It depends on your goals - braces would likely provide a more ideal end result, where invisalign would work for some esthetic correction.  I would recommend consultation with your local orthodontist to determine your options as there will be many factors to consider.

Ontario Dentist

Deep bite corrected with Functional Facial Orthopedics and Invisalign combination

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Thanks for providing such good photos!  If handled ideally, you can have a dramatically beautiful result.  It is obvious that your upper jaw is narrow and you have a very deep overbite, both of which can be corrected with a combination of Functional Facial Orthopedics and either Invisalign or braces.  The missing teeth can be replaced with implanted teeth to give you a beautiful full movie star smile.  Many doctors are limited in their knowledge in how to treat this in the way I am talking about.  This is spelled out in my book "Straight Talk about Crooked Teeth" which talks about "The New Orthodontics" using techniques to get that "Movie Star Smile" without extractions or surgery.  To answer your question about the deep bite; absolutely it should be corrected.  Leaving it uncorrected can lead to conditions such as TMJ Dysfunctions, obstructive sleep apnea and even neck and back problems.  This is spelled out in my book which is available at Amazon or B&N.  Good luck in your search for answers.

Definitely Braces, NOT Invisalign

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You have a serious malocclusion, including missing teeth, primary teeth, and canines in wrong position. You need an experienced orthodontist and possible oral surgery.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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