My Orthodontist Told Me I Can Eat with Invisalign? (photo)

I have a 'flipper' right now:my tooth was removed and I am waiting for an implant. The problem is that the tooth removed is one of my front teeth, hence it's a hole in my mouth when I remove the flipper. My orthodontist told me my invisalign will include an artificial tooth and that I could eat with it while eating. Yet I am reading I should not and have talked to couple of people who are doing the treatment not to eat as well. Please help!

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Eating With Invisalign

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Invisalign was NOT designed to wear while eating. That being said, if you are in public, and do not wish to remove the invisalign aligner with the false tooth, then be very careful and eat only SOFT foods. Make sure you remove the aligner as soon as possible after the meal in order to rinse it out and to brush your teeth.

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Do as you wish

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However, be aware that this is more wear and tear than it was designed for and the aligners may break.  I would suggest only doing this in public, but private meals should be done while taking Invisalign out.

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