Invisalign and Braces at the Same Time?

I've been told that my bottom teeth are too crowded to correct with Invisalign so I would have to get Braces. I'm also told when you straighten your teeth you should move both top and bottom teeth to maintain a proper bite.

Since my top teeth aren't bad, would I be able to use Invisalign to line up my upper teeth with my lowers, or would I need traditional braces for both?

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Invisalign can do both; Don't combine treatments

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If you find a good qualified Invisalign provider in your area, he will be able to treat your badly crowded teeth as well. He or she will be called a "Premier provider and you can find him at the Invisalign website.

Los Angeles Dentist


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Invisalign is a tool to move teeth with some limitation and also depends upon the doctors exposure and experience. There are a lot of instances where combination treatment is prescribed to achieve the ideal results. Sometimes only partial braces are put to get intial alignment and then move to full Invisaling. With new treament protocols of Invisalign we are able to treat more complex cases.
Please see a certified orthodontist and get complete options laid out.

Bobby Virk, DMD, MSD
Bellevue Orthodontist

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