Is Invisalign Covered by Insurance?

I have Ucare. I have a gap between my front teeth and the teeth next to the front overlap slightly. All my other teeth are perfectly straight. How much would this cost and does insurance usually cover any of it?

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Perhaps Invisalign Express?

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Each aligner with Invisalign has a limit for how much tooth movement is possible. If the gap is minor, and all movement can be completed in 10 aligners or less, Invisalign Express can be offered. Otherwise, full comprehensive Invisalign would be needed.

As far as insurance: if you have a benefit, the method is not important. It is similar to saying you have a filling benefit, but the insurance company wants to know what handpiece is used by the doctor (they don't care, it doesn't happen). Orthodontic services are billed out the same, no matter what tool is used, so if there is any insurance benefit then Invisalign should be covered.

Dental insurance coverage for Invisalign

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Yes, in many cases Invisalign therapy is covered by dental insurance. You have to elect to have orthodontic benefits made part of your total dental plan. It also may cost you slightly more to have orthodontic benefits included in your plan.

Paul Ouellette, DDS
Kissimmee Orthodontist

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