Invisalign Bite Ramps. Is This Normal?

I'm on my second set of Invisalign trays and have two virtual bite ramps behind my two front teeth. However, my back teeth can still touch if I move my lower jaw back a bit. Is this correct?

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Bite Ramps and Invisalign

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What is normal?  Is Invisalign normal. Some say no. BUT bite ramps are used with Invisalign and Tradiotional Braces inorder to expediate specific desired movement. Don't be afraid of them and IF you want the best result - give yourself to the process and enjoy the result.


You can always ask you doctor if they will leave them off - how would it effect your result and them decide if you want the comprimise or not - We call this informed consent.

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Bite ramps with Invisalign

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The bite ramps may not be participating in the treatment if you can still bite down on your back teeth. They could become functional as your upper and lower teeth move and are brought closer together. Take a look at your Invisalign movie and see if this is the case. In some cases the size of the bite ramps can be increased, by using special pliers. Your doctor may be able to give you more insight into the purpose of the bite ramps in your particular case.

Rob van den Berg, DDS, MS
San Ramon Orthodontist

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