Intense Pain Doing Ab Exercises 5 Months After Tummy Tuck

I was about 4 month post op. My doctor told me I can do Everything I did before the surgery. I did intense sit ups and it's been about a month and it STILL HURTS soo bad. It feels like I ripped/tore something in my abs. I ahd my abs sewn during the TT. I cant stand straight sometimes, it hurts.

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"Intense" Sit Ups 4 months after Tummy Tuck

I am sure many Plastic Surgeons would differ on the issue of sit ups after Tummy Tucks. The vast majority of people who perform Tummy Tucks do them incorrectly and strain their lower backs much more than tone the muscles. Moreover, as the muscles contract they pull on each other and against the stitched repair holding the muscles together. Even though by 4 months there has been scar adherence between the overlying skin across the muscle which distributes the tension across a wider area than just the zone of repair, a sudden jerky sit up acts like a wrist flick in snapping a whip; It produces a sudden tension load which MAY cause one or more of these sutures to break or worse, cheese wire through the muscle lining(Fascia) causing bleeding. This MAY be the reason for the sudden pain.

A well-done Tummy Tuck produces a flatter tummy than a 1,000 sit ups a day would (I had such a patient and can personally vouch to it). Personally, I advise my patients to wait a long time before engaging in them for this reason. But, if you must do sit ups instead of other exercises, load the tummy gradually to prevent tearing forces.

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Intense pain doing ab exercises 5 months after tummy tuck

Sounds like either you dehisced or have a nerve entrapment in scar tissue. Best to seek care in person. Not over the net.


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