Six Weeks After Tummy Tuck, Still Can't Stand Upright

is been 6 weeks after i had a tummy tuck, I notice that during the morning I stand up normally, but my boddy tends to lean by the afternoon. how long will it take to get back to walk up rigth without leaning?

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Six weeks after tummy tuck, still can't stand upright

Six weeks after tummy tuck, still can't stand upright is way to long. Seek advise from your surgeon or other opinions NOW!

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Standing Straight After Tummy Tuck

Hi there-

6 weeks is an awfully long time to be bent over... I recommend you visit your surgeon.

Most patients are upright within a week...

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
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Correcting the Hunched - Still bent Over 6 weeks after a Tummy Tuck

By completely numbing the abdomen with a very long lasting anesthetic at the time I perform my Tummy Tucks, I found out years ago that the vast majority of my patients stopped being bent over  or hunched. Clearly, if the patient sustains little to no immediate post-surgical pain they will not be pulled over sustaining back muscles spasms and weakness which makes it harder to straighten out. I now routinely numb my patients tummies at the time of surgery and the results and recovery have been fantastic.

At 6 weeks after your surgery you should be able to be free of pain and walk as straight as you did before your surgery. You may be able to get there sooner with the use of anti-inflammatory agents such as Advil. But do so only if your surgeon agrees.

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Standing up after Tummy Tuck

In most cases, patients can stand up right after about two weeks.  However, some patients may take longer.  You should be getting better day by day.  It is encouraging that you are able to stand upright in the morning.  You may just need to do some conditioning exercises.  Good luck.

David Shafer, MD
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