Is It Possible to Get a Diastasis After Tummy Tuck?

Had full tummy tuck 2003 now pain down the center of abdomen, especially around belly button. No pain prior-never pregnant. Tummy tuck due to 190lb weight loss. Pain sitting, walking, opening doors--anything that involves abdominal muscles. My abdomen distends, especially before BM. Only relief: wearing compression binder or laying on side. Been to PS many times-doesn't know what to do. CT scans show no hernia. Sent to gastroenterologist, general surgeon to have gallbladder removed (didn't), physical therapy, pain clinic. Have appointment with general surgeon-looking to see if anyone ideas what the problem could be-what could have caused it. Thanks.

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Possible to get a diastasis after tummy tuck

Yes, it is possible but highly unlikely. Sounds like a split diastasis causing the issue.  Do one than seek opinions.

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New Onset Belly Pain 7 years after Tummy Tuck

Virtually 100% of my Tummy Tuck patients feel literally re-born and only regret not having had the operation sooner. Despite performing hundreds of Tummy Tucks I have never seen a case where Tummy pain came on 7 years after the procedure without a readily explicable source.

For surgery to be successful, it has to address a CT/MRI or examination proven diagnosis. One cannot operate on a symptom (in your case - pain) and hope for success without knowing the exact cause for it.

You pain DOES sound as if it is may be associated with a hernia. Maybe examination by a different general surgeon and MRI with thin slices could find a source for your pain. Until then, surgery cannot be the answer.

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