Ultheraphy, Picosure, Filler. Which treatment will be done first in one day? (photo)

I have acne scars and want to eliminate them with picosure. I also want to do ultheraphy for my sagging skin and add volume in my nose. Which treatment shoud I do first in the same day? Thank you.

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See a dermatologist for acne... read more

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You will notice a subtle reduction in pore size and pigment with Picosure as well as acne scars. It will not be a dramatic difference. The best step forward is to clear your acne. I do not think you need Ultherapy for your sagging skin, perhaps a face to face consultation with a specialist would be advisable. See the video below for more on Ultherapy. Certainly fillers in the nose can be combined with Pico or Ulthearpy. Make sure you see a specialist for any of these treatments. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane . Australia. 

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