Uneven butt. (photos)

I had my liposuction and fat transfer on 07/28/2016 and was great but I then got a butt massage 10 days later. As days pass by, I am realising that one butt is bigger while the other is shrinking. I also realised that one hip is up and fuller while the other one is down. I know I messed up by touching my butt but still want to know what alternative options I do have to make the two look the same and if there is not, how soon I could get a second fat transferred into my butt?

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Concerned about and uneven butt result.

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You should definitely notice some early differences between sides.  It sounds like you should clarify with your surgeon your concerns.  Fat grafting entails taking excess fat from the areas of your body you consider problem areas and transferring it so that it has the best chance of survival.  This will help add shape and volume.  There is a period of recovery needed for the fat to settle and make its home in this new region of the body. It does take time for it to soften and also for the skin to relax under some of the stretch. Again, I would advise consulting again and/or considering obtaining a second opinion.

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