Is HIFU as effective specifically at age 56 on Asian skin type?? (photos)

what are the down sides of HIFU/ Ulthera , worse case . How does one know the Dr handling your face is qualified or not to do the job. what is the difference bet HIFU And Ulthera. Any specific areas to be avoided which is prone to sag . A face which has gone through botox , fillers can it take up HIFU/Ulthera well, any suggestions .

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None of the non-invasive laser technologies will provide enough lifting when compared to a composite #facelift

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Lots of hope were given to those non-invasive technologies but none will truly address the sagging and inferiorly-displaced soft tissues.

Composite facelift, high-SMAS, upper lid surgery would be my recommendation.

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Dr. Marc DuPere, Toronto Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

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I don't have any experience with hifu, but I think you would see a reasonable imporvement with ultherea. I agree that a facelift is always the best option, but some patients dont have the time for that recovery. Ulthera is somehting to consider . I would ask the indiviudal physican about their experience and what result you can expect following treatment

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Michael E. Kelly, MD
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Electromagnetic treatment of the skin will not obviate the need for a facelift.

Technologies meant to tighten firm the skin using radiofrequency or other electromagnetic energy do nothing of the sort. They do induce some swelling that can make the skin look a little bit firmer but does nothing to remove surplus.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Is HIFU as effective specifically at age 56 on Asian skin type??

Thank you for your question.

The best treatment for you, based on the limited information I could get from the photographs, would be surgical. A Face Lift with Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty would give you the best results. HIFU / Ulthera can be used for Indian Skin but the results are not quite as dramatic as one expects and they are short lived. 

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Ajaya Kashyap, MD
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Is HIFU as effective specifically at age 56 on Asian skin type??

A good set of photos is needed in order to render the most accurate opinion. However, generally speaking the non-surgical forms of treatment to the  sagging cheeks and neck- are temporary. There is no substitute for the surgical correction of these facial areas. I prefer and recommend that the primary issues be treated surgically first, and then after an appropriate period of time, the non-surgical adjunctive treatments be considered to maintain the surgical corrections.

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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