I had a mid facelift 10 years ago. What is involved in a touch up? Is it as expensive for a touch up?

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Revision to Original Facelift 10 Years Prior

Patients who desire facial rejuvenation that is affordable, quick, and effective should consider the Lite-lift™. The LiteLift™ is an innovative facelift developed by board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Larry Nichter and myself which benefits many male patients. The goal of the #LiteLift is to provide a less invasive natural looking option for both men and women desiring to refresh their appearance with less downtime and risks. The LiteLift® is a “real” facelift, which does address the underlying muscle, tissue and overlying skin.

The technique requires limited incisions and takes a vertical lifting approach, in contrast to the traditional facelift, which requires extensive incisions and lifts or pulls the face towards the ears horizontally. The modern techniques used allow us to perform most LiteLift® procedures in the office under local anesthesia. Also, removing the risk of general anesthesia opens the door for more people to pursue facial surgery. All too often people do not move forward with undergoing the desires facelift surgery due to their overwhelming fear of the risks associated with general anesthesia.

This is a modified facelift that can be performed in the office with a local anesthetic and improve signs of aging around the neck, jawbone and lower face. These procedures are not "Thread-lifts" or "String-lifts". We do not use the "barbed" sutures employed in these other lifting operations. The Lite-lift™ uses longer lasting techniques that are discussed below. Because the incisions are limited, there is less bruising, swelling and healing time for most patients. Many patients can be back to work in one to two weeks looking rested and more youthful.
The best candidates for #LiteLift are non-smoking patients 35-60 years old with stable skin elasticity, well-defined bone structure but showing early changes of the lower face and the neck. Older patients who cannot or do not wish to have a longer operation or general anesthetic can be improved with a Lite Lift™. All in all, Lite Lift™ surgery is individualized for each patient. 

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Facelift Touch Up

Thank you for your question, without pictures and a full assessment its hard to see the extend you would like a touch up.  If your jowls and neckline have lost skin laxity and volume therefore sagging again then this may mean a whole new facelift and neck lift procedure.  This could be performed under local anaesthetic as this is less invasive than a traditional facelift, there is less scarring, bruising and swelling for a significantly quicker recovery period. 

What are the benefits of the local anaesthetic Concept Facelift?

  • Minimally invasive as it is a short scar facelift
  • There is minimal bruising and swelling, especially when compared to traditional facelifts
  • As the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, you can go straight home following the procedure
  • Full recovery in a matter of days rather than months
  • Significantly less risk than Facelifts performed under general anaesthetic
  • Fresh, youthful and long lasting results

Please make sure you find a reputable and qualified plastic surgeon who can assess you properly to give you a realistic idea of what outcome you can achieve.  If you were happy with your facelift then it maybe a case of returning to them to discuss.  All The Best 


touch ups can be little botox to even out the upper face all the way to a full redo facelift. It depends exactly on what you see in the mirror and what you would like to change. If it is your neck that has sagged again then this typically means a whole new facelift. 

Mid face can be addressed with volume or a less invasive surgical procedure. A photo would definitely help and a description of what you would now like to change

Sorry to be vague. 

Adam Goodwin

Facelift touch up - cost

If you are happy with you previous result, you  should go back to your previous surgeon. A "touch up" may mean different things to various patients. Conceptually, from a cost point of view, your previous surgeon may provide you the best cost. If you are looking for a more lasting result, continue your search!  

Michael Kulick, MD, DDS
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A lot depends on what you want done

Thanks for the great question. As you can imagine, it's difficult to estimate how much additional procedures would be without seeing what you would like touched up. For most surgeons a secondary procedure is usually similar in cost to the original mid face lift you underwent. The secondary procedure is very similar to the primary procedure in terms of pain and recovery time. If you were happy with your original surgeon, then I would go see them again to see what the costs would be. Best of luck

~Dr. Sieber

David A. Sieber, MD
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