Indentation, Hollowness and Dark Circles After Lower Blepharoplasty? (photo)

Initially I was happy with transconjunctival blepharoplasty from 1 month ago due to very little bruising but over time, i have developed asymmetrical indentation where my eye sockets meet upper cheeks. At the end of week 4, Dr. prescribed me steroids for residual swelling. After swelling went down further, the indented area became depressed into hollowness. In last few days I have developed dark circles. I know it is still early in recovery but can these conditions improve/reverse with time?

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Dark Circles after Lower Eyelid Surgery

   Pigmentation differences cannot be altered with a lower eyelid surgery.  However, the presence of bags and the tear trough can be altered.  The area directly under the eyelid can be filled with fat or filler when swelling is no longer an issue.

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Aggressive Blepharoplasty

I would agree that it sounds like too much fat may have been removed.  I would wait about 6 month before any revisions.  The discoloration is more difficult to treat.

Dr. ES

Hollow dark circles after lower lid surgery

Hollow circles after lower lid surgery suggests that too much fat was removed. Structural fat grafting can restore the contour, and often with lower lid surgery, less is more.

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Residual lower eyelid hollowness (dark circles) after blepharoplasty

Traditional lower blepharoplasty removes fat pads from the lower eyelids, which makes the lower eyelid more smooth.  But there is usually pre-existing hollowness underneath the fat fullness that does not get addressed with traditional lower blepharoplasty. For that, filler injection can help (once completely healed from the surgery).

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