I am in Thailand, due to fly back to canada tomorrow, what can I do to treat seroma?

I am in Thailand and scheduled to fly back to canada tomorrow, I had tummy tuck and have developed seroma. I am 13 days post op. Has been aspirated twice. Ps says he will aspirate tomorrow before I leave and then I am good to go. Scared to go home as live in an area with no plastic surgeons, any advice??

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I am in Thailand, due to fly back to canada tomorrow, what can I do to treat seroma?

The seroma could still comeback even after a 3rd aspiration. That is not unusual! Ask your surgeon if he is okay with you wearing a compression garment. If you get a seroma again after you get back to Canada, then find a local plastic surgeon and see if they can drain it for you. Good luck and i wish you a speedy recovery

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Seroma after tummy tuck

  • This is why well qualified surgeons advise against cosmetic surgery 'tourism' -
  • Have yourThai plastic surgeon outline on your body where the seroma is and how much he removed,
  • On arrival in Canada, find a general surgeon for aspiration of the seroma,
  • Do not wear a compression garment on the plane - it will restrict circulation.
  • You must wear compression stockings to support your circulation,
  • If it is not aspirated until completely gone, it will not go away and may need surgery later on,
  • If you were in the US, you'd expect to pay $500 for each visit for treatment of another surgeon's complications.

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Seroma Post op

Unfortunately you may have a persistent seroma for some time. It may recur following your next aspiration. I would use your compression garment ( check with your surgeon first). If you can not get to a Plastic surgeon in Canada you can go to your local emergency department and they could organise an ultrasound guided aspiration of the seroma. 

Ensure you stay well hydrated and mobilise on the plane to reduce your risk of a DVT. You should also check with your surgeon if he would like you to take any DVT prophylaxis prior to flying. (after an abdominoplasty). 

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