How Many Impressions Are Taken for a Full Set of Invisalign Trays?

How Many Impressions Are Taken for a Full Set of Invisalign Trays?

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How Many Impressions Are Taken for a Full Set of Invisalign Trays?

Invisalign is one of the greatest procedure we can now offer to patients. Impressions can take about 20 min. total to do upper and lower. It is possible that some distortion happened while taking the impression and Invisalign is asking for new ones. Do not feel discouraged, it happens , and because a computer scans this impression, it is easy to miss errors. This rarely happens but it is possible, keep it up and be patient with your dentist , feel proud that your are doing something great for overall oral health.

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Impressions needed for a full set on Invisalign trays

It is very important to get quality impressions for the best fitting and most successful Invisalign treatment.  Normally one upper and one lower is needed, but they must be very well done.  Don't be upset if your Invisalign provider feels a better impression is needed.  If all goes well with care and Invisalign retiners (vivera) are chosen, no more impressions are needed.  Sometimes in the middle or at the end of care, some improvements are needed and a set of refinement impressions are needed to create a series on new aligners to perfect the case.  Good luck with your Invisalgin decision!

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How many impressions for invisalign

normally just an upper and lower to start.  Depending on the complexity of treatment you may need some additional ones mid or near the end of treatment and finally you may need some at the end for retainers.  Our office now has a light scanner machine that eliminates the need for impressions and more doctors will be adopting this technology as time goes by

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