My Impants Are Moving Sideways, What Do I Do?

I had 330cc put in 10 years ago and had them reduced to 210cc about 12 months ago. They are under the muscle, silicone and normal round shape. The left brest has shifted towards my armpit, but only when I lay down or if I put it between my two hands I can move it left and right. When I stand up it falls into its normal position. It has become very painful and my doctor has put me on anti-inflamitories and rest. nothing has changed, what do I do??

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My implants are following out laterally.

More than likely the implant has not shifted unless the physician did some internal work to widen the pocket.  By having a smaller implant you have less fullness medially to the breast which gives the appearance of it dropping out laterally. In order to correct this the implant pocket needs to be reduced with sutures internally.  It is not unusual for this to happen over time, more so with saline than silicone. I would suggest you return to your physician and suggest a pocket adjustment. I would not operate on a patient for pain alone, however, this this rarely improves after surgery. Good luck!

Problems with Implants

The pocket sounds like it is too large. It may need to be revised to accommodate a smaller implant.

Michael A. Fiorillo, MD
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Implant position after Breast Augmentation

When your  implants were downsized, the pocket then became too large for the smaller implants. Probably it was not made any larger than it was prior to the revision surgery, but now it is more noticeable. This can be corrected with sutures to close down the lateral extent of the pocket, but what concerns me is your pain. Downsizing the implants should not be a source of pain, and lateral displacement also is not a reason for pain. I would be hesitant to do any kind of surgery while you are experiencing pain.  The pain may also be from capsular contracture around the implant, but that explanation is opposite to your statement that the implant is very mobile in its pocket. You can try gentle massage of the implant and anti-inflamitories.


Daniel Medalie, MD

Daniel A. Medalie, MD
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My Impants Are Moving Sideways, What Do I Do?

Too large a pocket = lateral displacement. You need revisional capsule surgery to closer down the pocket. Sorry. 

Implant issues

Sounds like with the smaller implants the pocket may be too large.   The pocket may need to be revised to accommodate a smaller implant.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Implants moving sideways?

Thank you for the question.

Based on your description it sounds like you're experiencing lateral (sideways)  implant malposition when you like down.This can be corrected using an internal suture technique decreasing the size of the pockets on the sides and moving the implants toward the midline.

One of the most common complications after breast augmentation surgery is implant mal-position. This occurs when the implant is in an incorrect position on the chest wall. This may include incorrect position of the implant superiorly (“riding high”), inferiorly (“bottoming out”), medially (“symmastia or uni-boob”) or laterally (falling outward into the axilla). 

Please make sure you seek consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon  who has extensive experience  with revisionary   breast augmentation surgery.

I hope this helps.

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