IPL for Leg Scarring?

I'm a 40 years of age, brown-skinned male, with injury scars on both of my legs. I recently searched online for treatment to remove the scars. I want know, will a treatment such as Intense Pulsating Light (IPL) help my situation?

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Q-switched Lasers for Traumatic Hyperpigmentation

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While we would not suggest IPL for your condition, we have successfully treated traumatic Hyperpigmentation like yours with q-switched lasers for many years.  In fact, we have a picture of a woman with leg scars very much like yours on our website that was successfully treated with q-switched lasers.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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IPL for pigmentation on the legs

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From what I can tell from your photograph, it appears that the pigment on your legs is the type of pigment called "post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation". This type of pigment does not respond well to IPL or any laser for that matter. The best treatment would be a strong compounded bleaching cream or a prescription bleaching cream like Triluma.

Todd Minars, MD
Miami Dermatologist

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