Eyebrow Hair Burnt off During IPL

I had IPL yesterday. The technician accidentally burnt a good portion of one eyebrow. Will this grow back (I hope so)? How long will this take? Is there anything I can do to promote eyebrow hair growth?

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Eyebrow hair lost to IPL.

Whether or not your hair grows back and how much grows back is in part dependent on which wavelength of light was being used at the time of the treatment. IPL light has different wavelengths and some light is better than other for hair removal.

You should ask your practitioner if a "cutoff filter" was used for the treatment and if so, what wavelength of light was being used. When an IPL is used for hair removal, the type of light is generally in the 800 nm wavelength range for lighter skin types. If this type of light was used, you have the possibility of losing more hair than if other wavelengths of light was used.

The good news is that we do not advocate IPL for Laser hair removal because we have not seen the results to be permanent. Therefore, most or all of your hair should grow back even if 800 nm light was used.

While Revitalash was suggested by Dr. Oppenheim, we also know of patients using Latisse off label for eyebrow growth. This may be an option, but you should consult your physician.

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Yes, your hair will grow back

Your hair will grow back in approximately 4-6 weeks. Your hair might not be as thick as it was since, if the IPL worked, you might lose 20-25% of your hair. But the good news is you can purchase a product called Revitalash to stimulate hair growth in the brow. You can call 1-877-909-5274. While you are growing your eyebrows you can also use this for your eyelashes. Be careful to use only in this area. As an off-label indicatation Latisse, Allergan's new eyelash extender might also help. However, unless you are going to a Grocho Marx look-alike contest, you should be fearful of your brows growing in too thick and dark.

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