Why did I feel extremely unwell after getting derma lip fillers?

Hi. I got a juvederm lip fillers done today but had to stop the lady half way as I starting feeling sick, sweating, shakiness and went pale. Followed by a severe migraine attack. Is this common? And if so what could have caused this? I do take amitriptyline for my headaches every night and the doctor said that imay have asthma but I'm still getting checked for this asthma. Kind regards.

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It sounds like a classic vasovagal reaction.  

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Why did I feel extremely unwell after getting derma lip fillers?

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Hello Toshio,

What you experienced is called a vasovagal reaction.  It does not happen commonly with these procedures, but it can happen.  It is more common on an empty stomach.  What takes place is a reflex where you feel some discomfort, it sends a signal through a particular nerve, and that signal makes you feel nauseated, developed cold sweats, slows your heart rate, makes you go pale, and in some cases can make you pass out.  The best way to avoid this in the future is to make sure you ate, and with the use of topical anesthetic agents to make the treatment more tolerable for you.

I hope this helps and good luck. 

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It sounds like you might have been anxious during the injections and that's why you reacted the way you did.  Often patients who get injected and don't eat before or are anxious can have this effect.  I would definitely get the symptoms checked out by an internist to make sure there is nothing else wrong.  Best, Dr. Green

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